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Give a man fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. But what is the path to the river itself storms with obstacles? At FACT, we not only strive to teach a man to fish, but also enable him to reach the river. Foster alternate system for the poor through which they mobilize and manage the resources they need. Lobby with the official system to recognize these alternate systems, relate to them and support them. We understand that poor require more than just education, health and skills. Regular savings and investment foster growth, people institutions support sustained growth, while being a guarantee of constant changes in favor of the poor.

It is not enough to teach people to fish when in most cases they cannot reach the river. Our experiences in villages show that too often involves fundamental structural that limit access to productive assets and fair wages. FACT strategy is two-fold. Foster alternate system of the poor through which they mobilize and manage the resources they need, these institutions form the basis for their sustained empowerment. Secondly lobby with the official system to recognize these alternate systems in their own right and to relate with and support them.

We believe that our intercession should build on people’s strength, not on their needs to which they will in time respond. We believe that the regular savings and investments should form the basis of growth and that peoples institutions, starting with the traditional village meetings are both the basis of their sustain growth as well as the guarantee of constant change in favor of the poor. We believe investing in children, not in isolation, but together with the mother and in context of the family, affinity group and surrounding environment. Our strategy takes into account the close relationship between the removal of poverty, irradiation of illiteracy, health education and the concern for the environment, which has been a traditional future of India’s past. Unless the rural environment is managed in a way in which it can be support sustainable livelihood, a crucial link in the strategy to eradicate poverty on permanent basis. FACT believes that the rural development effort should aim at creating self supporting education and economic programs that are viable development effort should involve the people for a great mass movement and to demonstrate it potentiality for rural development through the usage of local resources.
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