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Severe drought conditions for the past several years have taught people of Andhra Pradesh to given more value and importance to water. The situation is getting worse every year as the water table gets lower and lower and drinking water has become a scarce commodity in rural areas. Therefore FACT has decided to initiate some projects to provide safe and potable drinking water to its target villages.

Fresh water is essential for sustenance of life-human, animal and plant. About 65 percent of the human body is water; 5 percent of it is to be replaced everyday. Large deficiencies of the order of 15 per cent can prove fatal. Therefore, we must give the highest priority to drinking water. It must be remembered that 70 per cent or more people live in our rural areas and the most basic components of our living environment next to Air. The human culture and civilization are vitally linked with water resources

In the last ten years, the urban population has risen. With the growth of population in urban areas, food, water, fuel and other necessary items are diverted to the urban centers while barren neglect face villagers.

In the villages, woman folks spend their half-life period simply for fetching the water, thus there is loss of one billion (WHO) man-days per year in our country. Still one cannot say with any surety that uninterrupted water supply will ever be provided in rural areas. Every summer in this area people face shortage of water and they have to depend upon the mercy of the drinking water supply by a small tanker of (4,000 Lts) per one village with 1,000 populations. Programmes like Provision of new bore wells in the problematic communities, Restoration of existing water sources either bore wells or open wells, Execution of Drinking Water Schemes and Watershed Programmes were implemented by FACT.

While providing additional water sources or restoring the existing sources, FACT made efforts to train the caretakers to ensure the proper usage and maintenance of these sources. The target population is also sensitized about the safety measures to be followed in consuming drinking water and also proper usage and maintenance of these sources. This is done through constant house visits, group meetings, mass meetings and other awareness generation programs.
FACT is working among the migrant population living in the slums and streets in and around Machilipatnam Town. Its aim is to empower children and women that they would regain and secure better socio-economic status in their households and in society at large. Presently it covers three slums with a population of around 3,000. The focus groups are those who are most vulnerable.

Migration from rural to urban settings has become increasingly common and has created urban slums. The rural urban mobility in Machilipatnam is being accelerated due non availability of work in rural areas. Among the urban population, the neglected are the slum dwellers and the roadside residents. These places are already characterized by lack of water, sanitation, proper roads, poor waste disposal facilities, and crowded and unhygienic living conditions. The most affected in any worst situation are the women and children and therefore FACT chooses to work for them.

FACTís work is based on the following beliefs: Poverty is man-made and keeps increasing if grassroots involvement are weak. These poor are left to be more and more vulnerable physically, psychologically, socially and economically. There must be change and this can be realized only if the poor are actively involved in the process of their development.
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