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FACT gives much greater importance for changing attitudes among the target population and creating hope for their future. It is evident that poor people live with distress and despair and continue to survive with a feeling that their lives have to continue similar to their parents and grand parents and have a strong belief that their children and grand children also have to continue with the same faith. Hence, FACT takes it as a primary obligation to bring the necessary attitudinal change among these poor children and create a sense of confidence and courage among themselves and develop a feeling that their lives can be improved if they desire so and their future is in their hands.

In Machilipatnam, a common job is rag-picking, in which boys and girls as young as 6 years old sift through garbage in order to collect recyclable material. The children usually rise before dawn and carry their heavy load in a large bag over their shoulder. Rag-pickers can be seen alongside pigs and dogs searching through trash heaps on their hands and knees. Other common jobs are the collecting of firewood, tending to animals, street vending, dyeing, begging, prostitution and domestic labor. Children that work are not only subject to the strains and hazards of their labor, but are also denied the education or training that could enable them to escape the poverty trap.

FACT advocacy initiatives are focused on creating an environment - societal, legislative and temporal - that facilitates every girl and boy reaching his or her fullest potential. While rights awareness and rights education at the grass roots levels help communities claim what is rightfully theirs, national level advocacy around issues of children, especially those in crisis, are focused on bringing about equitable implementation of policies as well as influencing policy debates.

FACT advocates for the children at the highest policy levels of the country. FACT has been made a member of various Government working groups and committees.
Imagine a filed of fresh young flowers that are forced to grow in polluted atmosphere of chemical fumes, with out adequate sustenance and sunshine - What sort of fruit will these flower bear? Children who are deprived of physical, mental and emotional care fail to thrive, just like flowers that are neglected, they with away or result in stunted and worsted fruits. Of all joys in the world perhaps the greatest joy lies in giving happiness to a child. The child is the most valuable and because his needs are immediate, he is the urgent call of the future to the often uselessly preoccupied present. Destitute children abounded children. The child labor is three of most depressing problems facing in this area to day. A glance beyond statistics reveals a horrifying tale of poverty, deprivation, helplessness and exploitation. So much has been said about the plight of unwanted children in our area.

Everyone has the right to education. The child workers are denied their right to childhood and development. FACT addresses the issue of child labor at the micro level with working children employed in unorganized sectors. At the macro level public education, campaigns and advocacy are carried out against child labor along with other social organizations. The activities are providing basic and non-formal education, imparting skills training and rehabilitation programs.



FACT objective is to rehabilitate Child Labor, to increase the enrolment and retention of school age children, to create demand for education and to prevent children from work or from school drop-out. Its past experience has enabled the field workers of FACT to develop long-term strategy to overcome this crucial problem in the target communities. FACT has continued its efforts through awareness programmes among the target population.
FACT strives to provide the underprivileged and culturally deprived children, opportunities to enable the process of development. The projectís objectives include laying a good foundation for their learning skills, assisting them in emotional development, social responsibility and giving them improved health. FACT regular educational and recreational programs such as cultural competitions, summer camps and field trips, and has specific programs such as those below.

We have Pre-School Program: Pre-school education center where there is training in cognitive, language, emotional and social development. The program aims at total Personality development.

For older children : Due to poor environmental conditions such as poverty and parental illiteracy, many children drop out during primary education and become child laborers. Seventy-five percent of the school dropouts are girl children. Supplementary education is given for school-going children to help them in learning, integrating education with values, and reducing the school drop out rate, particularly in the case of girls.

Disabled Children : They are helped to be relieved of their distressed situations and rehabilitation is given to a few cases. The mothers are helped by a support system.



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